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Sep 16, 2012 11:00pm PDT
christopher stevens and three other americans died in the consulate in benghazi september 11th. on face the nation susan rice said evidence shows that attack began as a spontaneous protest. >>> there were extremist elements that joined in an escalated the violence >>> but this man disagrees and told bob schieffer it was premeditated >>> the way the perpetrators acted and moved and choosing the specific date for this demonstration this leaves us with no doubt this was preplanned >>> libyan officials say they've arrested 50 people and connection to the benghazi attack. the fbi also investigates and the u.s. government is increasing security to protect u.s. personnel duarte geraldino cbs news >>> the last week of summer and brian hackney with the forecast >>> we cool down a bit in the bay area the numbers will come down every day nothing dramatic still plenty warm inland. fairfield 9189 livermore. some fog comes in on the shoreline you see the golden gate. the marine layer is about 1,700 ft.. low pressure moves in. it moves the a marine layer. none is much fought tonight as last night. 58
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
look at the consulate in benghazi a rocket-propelled grenade ignited a fire u.s. ambassador christopher 79th at stephens died of smoke inhalation in his bedroom he considered the bay area home. four libyans arrested in connection with the attack. google denied a request by the white house to remove the movie clips from youtube ink blot the video in parts of the middle east because it violated local laws google says it does not violate its terms of service regarding hate speech. an unlikely group of protesters in the bay area fueled by a territorial dispute in asia chinese-americans joined in the anti-japanese demonstrations in san francisco chinese are upset that japan decided to buy islands in east tennessee despite strong opposition from the chinese government. they believe the islands are part of their territory since ancient times. >>> upset with the japanese government very upset they told me the situation and then they all sell never apologized for war crimes >>> the islands at the center of debate are near japan. a commuter's nightmare stepping off the train and jumping out of th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2